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All - Miss, rough idle, hesitation, surge: see ASD diagnostics - An intermittent ASD relay or associated wiring can cause stalling and hesitation because the battery charging circuit and O2 sensor heaters are controlled by the ASD relay. All - Ping. CHECK THIS FIRST: re-route ignition wiring resistor "evry" mod on a PD? Has anyone figured out how to do a resistor mod on a pd (bew)? If you have, does the O2 sensor not scale back the fuel supply (and smoke)?

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Resistor Mod Instructions - this mod is supposed to work on later models but not as well - click on a picture for any larger view. Thanks to partong aka (Nitrous Turbo V2K) for being the first to offer a mod for this site. OK, 48 degrees outside and did a 45 minute ride. Measure the value of his resistor. Get a resistor of the same value for a penny and try it yourself. I think it must be a pretty high value resistor to make a difference, because the input resistance of the ECU must be very high. Now if you are talking about injecting a voltage into the O2 sensor wire, that is something else.I got a check engine light as soon as I started it with the resistor in so I just plugged the EGT probe back in and set it aside in the Engine bay. No check engine light for it.... BUT I forgot to do the sparkplug anti fowler trick on the rear O2 sensor so I got a CEL while driving around last night-get that fixed this morning.

This sensor module utilizes an MQ-2 as the sensitive component and has a protection resistor and an adjustable resistor on board. The MQ-2 gas sensor is sensitive to LPG, i-butane, propane, methane, alcohol, Hydrogen and smoke. It could be used in gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry. The reason that I ask this is because I have hooked up a volt meter to the O2 sensor and at idle it is indicating around 860 milivolts. I think that this is rich. I have disconnected the altitude compensator and installed the resistor and jumpered the O2 connector in the engine compartment so that I might use the ROW maps. The white and blue wires were spliced into to wire in the resistor and capacitor. ... The computer uses the readings from the narrow band oxygen sensor before the catalytic converter and the secondary sensor to determine if the cat is working properly. ... So I did the mod on my Lexus using a 1Mohm resistor and a 4.7uF 35V capacitor. However ...Basically anything thats an inline mod (unless its an actual chip tuner) is something to avoid. A chip tune should not fit between the 02 sensor and the ecu (at least I can't see anyreason for an 02-ECU inline other than to create a false O2 signal to the ECU)

Aug 27, 2013 · IAT Resistor mod 2012 6.0 how to do it? ... hi my question is i have an X3 Performance chip with O2 Sensor control im going to conect it to a 2000 GMC Yukon 5.3 ... Faulty Bosch Mass Air Flow sensor The graph below was measured on a 81kW TDI (engine AFN, after 180,000 km) under WOT (wide open throttle). As can be seen clearly, the specified air flow is much higher than the actual (measured) air flow. Turbo pressure reached 2000mbar, so turbo seems to be fine. Also the intake So, After installing an UEL Header on the Duel-Port EJ22, It throws a P0430 (Catalyst Efficiency) code, Which is normal from doing this mod. My question is, Can you put a proper resistance resistor in between the O2 sesnor and the engine harness to trick the ECU in thinking the sensor is reading correctly?

My downstream o2 sensor(the round connector type) is bad. I have the WeaponR headers and when I put in my 3L with the o2 sensor in the header, it got damaged as it hit something going in. The MIL eliminators I made from Radio Shack parts worked great, but they don't do the job if the sensor is bad.

Hello everyone! I can post only here, but i have a problem with CBR250RA 2012, and it's about o2 sensor. I think it does not work properly. Is it possible to remove it and replace with some kind of resistor? Nov 11, 2014 · O2 Trim 2-5 PLL52 O2 Module (LMV52 only) The PLL52 module serves as the CANbus interface for the QGO20 oxygen sensor, ambient temperature sensor, and flue gas temperature sensor. This module is necessary if O2 trim is used. The PLL52 module must be mounted so that the wire length from the O2 sensor to the PLL52 module does not exceed 25 feet.

The distributor and electrical spark timing system, now referred to as "Opti-Spark Control", has an optical sensor which counts light pulses through a perforated disc in the distributor. There is NO timing adjustment for the LT1. The Mass Air flow sensor is back in 94 andi s one of the primary sensors for fuel control. fool rear O2 sensor on 96 accord ex ? ... the thingy is just a resistor from rat shack, it's a very poor implementation of a somewhat good idea (if you know a good ... Hello can anyone help me I just tried this mod on my 99 e300td USA car because I put an egr delete in. I still have the old egr hooked to the vacuum line. Soldered the resistor and diode in and still get a p1401 code after a bit of driving. The ohm resistor is a 1/4 Watt 470. Did I do something wrong or do I have to cut a wire on the maff? so im fairly new to the supra world but i have a 94 supra setup for the na-t ecu mod im running jdm tt ecu and all the supporting mods sensors etc. im getting ready to finally put my kit on and the only thing im confused about is the o2 setup. so on the headers i have 2 1-wire o2 sensors and i want to make the switch to heated 4 wire o2 my question is how do you just delete 1 o2 sensor or was ...

@Nca78 said in Particle Powered Air Quality Sensor Logging to Google Docs: @Sebex said in Particle Powered Air Quality Sensor Logging to Google Docs: Perhaps I don't necessarily need to use the same pins Both the sensors you quote are using I2C. So they both use the same 2 pins (SDA, SCL) to communicate. Snipped white and blue wires leading to the sensor were covered with heat shrink tube. I didn't pull any connection plug or the sensor out of the pipe,no real need because I had the wire length I needed. Total cost to turn out the check engine light due to a rear O2 sensor code,,about $4. Pull battery connections BEFORE you start cutting. Not a ...

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